Many Pharma Stores using Pharma Hands to make their business better and better.


Loaded with Advanced Features

Advanced POS

To reduce your billing time, we have designed POS with superior technology. That really give you great experience of software.

Manage your clients

Very simple interface to manage your clients with contact details, Also to manage your credit customer outstandings

Inventory Management

Smart inventory methods of this product will not let you keep excess stock, will not let you to run out of stock, will not let you damage any of your stock.

Advanced and Customized Barcode Technology

We have built an advanced barcode generation techniques to generate and print your own barcodes in quick time using regular a4 sheet printer.

Price Lists Management

Many pricelists can be created and updated as on when required, that gives you flexibility to sell your products at different prices

Message Compaigns

In the right time running message campaigns about offers to your valuable clients will increase the number of visits and eventually your business grows.

Discount coupons

Distribute discount with your sales invoice that can be redeemed with the next sales.


Accounting all your transactions and keeping your accounting statements like profit and loss account, trial balance, balance sheet etc.

User Access Levels

Restrict and setup the access levels to each employee of your business as per your needs.

Day Summary

Receive business summary reports to your mobile number at your specified timings. To keep an eye on happening transactions.


GST Module
Balance Sheet
Trail Balance
Import Accounts and Transactions
Multi Mode Payment
Retail Products
Inventory Management
Inventory Alerts
Reorder Stock in no Time
Purchase Order Management
Stock Summary
Product Purchases Management
Sale/Service Quotation
Customers Management
Supplier Management
Unpaid/Part-Paid Payments
Sales Discount
Single Price List Management
Banking Module
Remote Support
Barcode Billing
Banking Module
Categorize Schedule H & Narcotic Items
Record Doctor Prescriptions
Fetch Alternative Items By Drug Search
Sales Reminder by SMS
Multi Company Management
Stock Adjustment
Ratio Analysis
Cash Flow Statement
Sale Bill Transport Details Management
Sale Bill Transport Agents Management
Sale Bill Order Details Management
Item Package Management
Item Rack Management
Items Image View
No Stock Alert While Billing
Barcode Generation --
Multiple Pricelist Management --
Pricelist Import --
Employee Staff Access Control --
Employee Modifications Tracking --
Employee Vacation Management --
Tally Integration --
Free Units in Purchase & Sale --
Sale Price Alerts --
Bill Of Material Management --
Manufacturing Planning --
Manufacturing Vouchers --
Multiple Purchase Books --
Multiple Sales Books --
Customer Credit Limit Management --
Customer Aging Report --
Customer Overdue --
Ledger Analysis --
Customer Business Summary --
E Way Bill Generation --
Supplier Business Summary --
Weighing Scale Integration --
Purchase Order Management --
Sales Order Processing --
Inventory Levels --
Reorder Summary --
Cash Register Management --
Design Customized Sale Bill --
Purchases Graph --
Sales Graph --
Copy Sale Bill --
Hold & Recall Purchase --
Hold & Recall Sale --
Sales Report By Sales Executives --
Customization in Item,Customer & Supplier -- --
Tally Realtime -- --
Reward Points -- --
Expense Management -- --
Service Reminders -- --
Special Occasion Wishes -- --
Customer Message Campaign -- --
Employee Message Campaign -- --
Day Summary Message Alerts -- --
Client Feedback -- --
Auto Set Auditor Mail -- --
Auto Set Owner Mail -- --
SMS Sale Bill -- --
Email Sale Bill -- --
Customer SMS Campaign -- --
Customer EMAIL Campaign -- --
Sales Expert Android App -- --
Mutli Store Management -- --
Customer Birthday Wishes SMS -- --

Pharma Hands

  • Maintain inventory rack wise
  • Maintain Prescription Details
  • Maintain Doctor Details with respect to sales
  • Different Price Lists To Different Type Of Customers
  • Detects medicines to be expired in near future
  • Bill reminders to customers based on prescription days
  • See previous sold products to your Customer during the billing
  • Maintain composition drug Details of medicines
  • Quick Selling from POS either as tabs or as strips
  • Advanced Purchase Import Option
  • Easy Purchase Return Option Based on Stock Expired
  • Stock Summary Option with Alphabetical Sorting
  • Ensure 100% Expiry Returns
  • Smart Purchasing Option
  • Up sell and Cross Sell Medicines

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